Friday, June 24, 2011

Shiny Teeth

I've been on Juliet's case about her teeth brushing habits. She seems to enjoy sucking the tooth paste more than brushing her teeth... typical 4 year old behaviour. So tonight I brushed her teeth really well so that they were nice & shiny...

Juliet: How come I can't hear the dinging noise for when something is shiny?

Does this mean she watches too much TV??


So what's a bigger event... graduating from kindergarten to grade one or graduating from day care to kindergarten? They're both pretty big... and they both happened this week. I already posted about Sammy graduating... today was Juliet. She was very excited about her "gradulation".

Does it get any cuter then that? BRAVO JULIET!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tea Lover

I love tea. Love love love love love. It's the perfect drink first thing in the morning, the middle of day, right after a meal and just before bed. Winter, spring, summer & fall. Any season. Any day.

Today I'd like to share my favourite teas. As a rule, I don't drink black teas or any teas that need added milk or sweetness. My faves are flavoured green & white.

Winners is a great place to find really interesting green & white teas. One of my favourite jasmine green teas I buy there. It's probably one of the best jasmine greens I've ever had. But the ultimate place for tea is Teaopia. Now I can order fresh loose leaf tea online & have it delivered to my door 2 days later. 

Here are my faves... (photos & descriptions courteous of

Garden of Eden is a combination of white tea, rose flower blossoms, red rose buds, marigold flower blossoms, lemongrass, and apple pieces.
Hello lover!

Princess Earl Grey brings the awesome flavour of earl grey to white tea so there's no need to drink it black! Yay! It's a combination of white tea, red rose buds, and the natural aroma of bergamot. Not only does it taste fabulous but it looks beautiful in a jar.


Jasmine Pearls are hand rolled green tea leaves and jasmine petals, which can also be referred to as dragon eyes. Personally I think it's just a fancy, more expensive jasmine green.


Jasmine Superior is made by using fresh jasmine petals in a process where green tea leaves are layered with jasmine petals. The jasmine flavour settles around the leaf during the process of drying... ooh ooh fancy.

Pomegranate Green tea is a combination of sencha, cranberries and pomegranate flowers. It is fabulous and not too fruity. Mmmmmm.

If anyone would like to enlighten me with new & amazing varieties of their fave tea... please do!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Artist Within...

I am totally on this vintage/creepy doll kick. So much so that it is taking up another day's worth of like... And I still don't even have my first doll.

I've always loved mixed media art. Every time I gawk at someone's incredible ability to grab inanimate objects & everyday materials and create the most unique pieces of art I can't help but wonder... why didn't I think of that? I swear I am an INCREDIBLE artist trapped inside my body with ideas for mixed media art, painting, fashion & choreography that I just cannot express for the life of me. I need to pair up with someone who has the artistic capability to bring my mental art to life. 

Here are some pieces I have found on etsy. LOVE THEM. Click on the photo to go to the artist's store and please don't buy it unless it is for me... :o)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bravo Sam!

Sammy graduated from Jardin (Sr. Kindergarten) today. I can't believe my little boy starts elementary school this fall! Here a video of Sam accepting his diploma. Bear with it, it's iphone footage...

I arrived, camera in hand, and of course my battery was dead. What are the chances?? So here are some photos a friend of mine took of the handsome graduate.


Princess Juliet

Today's like (or rather yesterday's because I was too tired to post last night) is a 2 for one. The first part of the like is which is a photo editing website. I love how it lets me write directly on my photos. The second part is Princess Juliet's birthday on May 28th. It was such an amazing time and the experience as a whole couldn't have been anymore how I imagined it would or could go... it was perfect. She was like a bride getting ready for her wedding... and the playing was so hard & fun that everyone was just happy happy happy.